Is this Sony PS-X70 worth repairing?

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Is this Sony PS-X70 worth repairing?

Post by max88 » 28 Jan 2020 02:18

Hi, I am new to this forum!

I've been looking to purchase a second hand Sony PS-X70 but the prices on auction sites and classified ads websites are too much for my purse. :(

However, I spotted this auction and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth taking a chance at buying and repairing it myself with the help of tips from online communities like VinylEngine, even if it becomes a project that could take me a while. :)

I have never fixed a turntable before but I used to repair smartphones and laptops. I'm meticulous, patient, and I'm not afraid to learn. But I can tell from another post on here that it wouldn't be the easiest repair.

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Re: Is this Sony PS-X70 worth repairing?

Post by Legrace » 29 Jan 2020 10:37

Definitely worth a try as this is a very nice table.

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