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Ps lx 2 tone arm drop

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 15:47
by tomanter
Can anyone tell me how to get the tonearm to lower at a slower rate

Re: Ps lx 2 tone arm drop

Posted: 19 Nov 2019 00:58
by GR Dori
The metal push rod beneath the curved plastic and rubber tone arm lifter is in need of some new lubricant, which has leaked out or dried up. Originally, when new, the push rod slides within a brass bearing, and is lubricated with silicone oil to "damp" the mechanism, allowing you to press the cue button as fast as you want to, and it would normally go up or down slowly. When the oil is gone, the arm will crash the stylus onto the record, with the same velocity that you push the cue button, when you push the button to lift the stylus off of the record, without holding it to control the speed of the lift, the tonearm will spring, forcefully, off of the record.
I have successfully used 300,000cs [weight] differential gear oil [for radio controlled cars] which is actually silicone oil [also called silicone grease]. V-E has the service manual here for the Sony PS-LX4 turntable [it's the Quartz Locked version of the PS-LX2]. If you look at the bottom of p.10 in the service manual, it is shown where to put the silicone oil, and shows a weight of 500,000cs [viscosity]. I chose 300,000cs because the 500,000cs [to me] would seem tooooo slow. If you don't want to disassemble your turntable, an easier way of applying the oil would be to put the cue button in the UP position, pull up lightly on the tone arm lifter [the curved plastic and rubber part] and use a toothpick to place oil at the bottom of the push rod where it meets the brass bearing [be careful when applying the oil, it has twice the consistency of maple syrup and is five-times as sticky!!], then push the cue button to the down position and repeat a couple of times, all around the push rod, to properly lubricate it. If the cueing ever seems to be too fast in the future, the bottle of differential gear oil that you'll get would allow for thousands of applications. I got the silicone oil on eBay, search for "Yeah Racing YA-0214 Differential Oil 300000wt 50ml" it's less than $10, and will give you enough for this task, to last several lifetimes!
I hope this helps!! :D