Sony PS-X5, X6, & X7 Motor Servicing

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Sony PS-X5, X6, & X7 Motor Servicing

Post by Jibe01 » 25 Jun 2019 16:45

I picked up a PS-X5 turntable last week, and I'll need to clean & re-lube it. Any recommendations for servicing the motor? In looking at the the service manual, I assume that I'll pop it open, carefully clean it out with alcohol & Q-tips, then add some lightweight oil such as sewing machine oil to the well that the steel ball fits into. I believe that this is the same motor installed in the X6 & X7 turntables.
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Re: Sony PS-X5, X6, & X7 Motor Servicing

Post by hossfly10 » 30 Jul 2019 04:25

If the motor is quiet and maintains correct speed, I would leave it alone.
From what I have read in the Sony manuals it is a sealed motor and should not require lubrication.
I have a PS-X5 and a PS-X7, both over 40 years old and the motors run perfectly quiet.
The old adage of "don't fix it if it ain't broke" applies here.

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