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Sony PS-X600 Tower light sensor fix

Posted: 11 Jun 2019 19:27
by yuckysoba
Hey there guys. I’ve had this X600 for a few years now and I thought that since it’s summer now it would be a good summer project to replace the bulb or the very least diagnose why the light sensor doesn’t turn on.

Has anyone done or attempted to open up the their TT? Just looking at the manual has got me really confused and wondering if there are things I need to know before opening a TT. I know I heard about capacitors being dangerous and what not.

Re: Sony PS-X600 Tower light sensor fix

Posted: 12 Jun 2019 01:14
by bernard1
It's not so hard to replace the record size detector bulb on the PSX 600, you'll have to unscrew some parts, unsolder and resolder a thin wire, and everything should be fine.
Bulb is 14 V, 50 mA, but there is some tolerance. I replace mine with a bulb that was not exactly those figures, and it works fine.
Of course, before opening the turntable, you'll have to unplug the cord from the main.
The main risk is not how could your turntable harm you, but rather the harm you could do to it (her ?), because it's a nice piece of engineering, but fragile.

Re: Sony PS-X600 Tower light sensor fix

Posted: 21 Jun 2019 01:31
by GR Dori
I have a Sony PS-LX5, which was introduced by Sony in 1981 along with the PS-X600. I won it in an eBay auction in 2016 for $128.00. It arrived in excellent condition [well packed for shipping], fully-operational and fully accessorized [Extra Tonearm Weight, Dust Cover, 45 rpm adaptor, disc-centering guides, Aluminum/Etched SH-151 Headshell with a Grado cartridge installed on the headshell.] It now has a "Hybrid" Signet/audio-technica cartridge [Signet MR 5.0e body with an AT440Mlb stylus.] When I first got it, I tuned it up and it continues to run like new. In 2017 I decided that the unit needed a "refresh" so I purchased some 9 volt super-bright white and green LEDs made for RC Mods. I installed the white LED in place of the tungsten-filament bulb in the rear-left mounted light-tower [which was still working, after 36 years!] I used the green LED in place of the "Quartz Lock" bulb along the front top edge, next to the speed indicator LEDs [also, still lights when speed locks, it's the same type of bulb as the light tower with an added blue-green gel color cap]. At first the new LEDs were too bright, so much so that the light penetrated some records I thought were black that wouldn't play automatically, apparently, partially transparent--maybe a record club purchase? In any event I put a 20K "trim-pot" [normally PCB-mounted potentiometer] in series with each LED to act like dimmers. They work perfectly and I am able to "calibrate" the light output of the tower so that transparent records will play normally without reversing the rubber mat and the unit will halt if no record is present if "Start/Stop" is pushed accidently, and I've been able to dim the "Quartz Lock" [green] LED to a tolerable level. Due to the sensitivity of these LEDs the [now] green "Quartz Lock" light always glows. It's dim when the turntable power is on, and bright when speed locks-playing a record. It now more closely resembles one of its predecessors; the Sony PS-X45 [1980].
The attached pic shows the LEDs brightly, but in real life, they're not as bright as the Digital Camera captures it. Also, the LEDs for the speed indication and repeat status are the stock LEDs--which should run for a long time since there are no filaments to burn out!
--How I thought outside the box: 1981 turntable updated with 2017 LED technology.
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Re: Sony PS-X600 Tower light sensor fix

Posted: 08 Oct 2019 05:04
by Gearhead388
Why would you ever!?......