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Sony ps q-7

Posted: 17 May 2019 09:57
by seebohmk
Sony ps q-7, does this turntable come with a pre-amplifier?

Re: Sony ps q-7

Posted: 28 May 2019 16:38
by fscl
seebohmk wrote:
17 May 2019 09:57
Sony ps q-7, does this turntable come with a pre-amplifier?
Yes, this compact direct drive turntable has a built in phono pre-amplifier. The output from the headphone jack can feed the Line Input of an amplifier for full size speakers or powered speakers.
PS-Q7 Owners Instructions wrote:
  • Set the PHONES LEVEL control to the center position and adjust the volume with the radio cassette recorder's volume control. if the volume is too low, turn the player's PHONES LEVEL control to the right.
  • If your cassette recorder is equipped with a LINE IN/PHONO input selector, set it to LINE IN.
In the evolution of music storage media, the Q7 was a way to play your collection of LPs along with the radio - cassette boom box and / or ditching the boom box and have your Walkman turntable and box of favorite LPs...... :-k =D> #-o

There is another mini ? jack (in the back) that serves as an unamplified non-RIAA phono output that can be fed into an amplifier with a phono input or stand alone phono preamp.

Good luck, HTH and welcome to VE...... :)