Sony PS-X6 pulsatory speed wobble

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Sony PS-X6 pulsatory speed wobble

Post by Sokol1000 » 06 Mar 2019 16:24

Hi everybody, I have Sony PS-X6 with pulsatory speed wobble on both speeds 33 and 45. Plate is slowing down 4 times every revolution. Please have a quick look: Has anyone came across this fault with PS-X6 / PS-X7? Many thanx

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Re: Sony PS-X6 pulsatory speed wobble

Post by Legrace » 06 Mar 2019 16:53

Common issue with PS-Xx series, my PS-X4 previously exhibit this behavior, identical as displayed in video. First step is clean pots on the speed board. Also a good idea to replace all electrolytic caps, but I see several post where cleaning step alone is fixing the issue.

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