Sony PS-T3 help?!

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Sony PS-T3 help?!

Post by jhall70 » 25 Feb 2019 14:21

I have a Sony PS-T3, that's been in my family since 1977! I just got it out of storage and don't think it's been used since the 80s. My problem is that the gear clutch for the tone arm return seems to not rotate as far as it should, resulting in any clicking gear noise when the tone arm is dropped. I looked in the database for the service manual, but can only find a general troubleshooting guide with no mechanical adjustments illustrated. Does anyone have the manual, or know where to get it? The problem seems to be centered around the tone arm drop, and I've partially disassembled the TT and lubed the gear clutch. I'd love to get it going fully, any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Re: Sony PS-T3 help?!

Post by plyscds » 25 Feb 2019 15:45 ... sults.aspx [$16.99 for download]

Not a lot of responses to a web search. This all seems to come down to how badly you want the service manual.

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