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PS-1100 60hz to 50hz line frequency

Posted: 15 Jan 2019 20:18
by Snarl
Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me out. So I got a Sony PS-1100 turntable from a family member who lives in America. Thing is, I live in Europe, and sadly once I had set everything up to my dismay the music sounded distorted and in slow motion. I think this is happening because it is set to 60 hz due to a procedure involving changing the motor pulley. I was wondering if it is possible to reverse the process from 60 hz to 50 hz and where I could buy the pieces I need. I appreciate any input into this!

Re: PS-1100 60hz to 50hz line frequency

Posted: 28 Jan 2019 13:51
by bernard1
Can you post a picture of the pulley ? Is it the same as this one :

Re: PS-1100 60hz to 50hz line frequency

Posted: 28 Jan 2019 14:53
by josephazannieri
Yo Snarl:

There are 2 pulleys for this turntable. If you look at service manual for PS-1150, found here on VE, you will see that the pulleys are marked. One has a groove in it, and the other has no groove. As to source of a 50 Hz pulley, I would go first to product support at Sony. They may make a replacement pulley that you can buy from them. It may be common to a number of turntables. You may also have to go to a local supplier or turntable or HiFi service shop. You may have to go to an online merchant, most likely one in Europe or someplace else where the line frequency is 50 Hz. To determine if the pulley is wrong, count the number of turns at 33 RPM. You will get 100 turns in 3 minutes. If the pulley is wrong, you will get about 83 turns in 3 minutes, or 5/6 of 100 turns.

And good luck from that dizzy old turn counter,

Joe Z.