PS6750 cartridge alignment

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PS6750 cartridge alignment

Post by Jimin » 14 Jan 2019 21:46

Hi all

I have the above turntable and I'm very happy with it. I do however wonder if it could be even better.

In the absence of the original manual, I used an alignment protractor to set up a nice new Goldring 2100 cartridge. The headshell however is right up against the tonearm, whereas the Ortofon VMS20 (I think) that came with it was set up with the headshell much further forward. These are different cartridges, of course, but I'm curious about alignment.

I'm just wondering, whether I need to use a different protractor. There are some on eBay that are specifically for Sony turntables - but they cost a few quid.

Any thoughts? Should I be happy with the table as is? Or is there a protractor that would be best suited for this arm?



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