PS-X65 fault after 'warm up'

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PS-X65 fault after 'warm up'

Post by Gimilzor » 24 Jan 2018 21:44

I posted, probably about a year ago, about my PS-X65 which I managed to get working fine. Now however I have a problem that has me a bit stumped.

When the turntable is first turned on it's absolutely fine. Put a record on the platter, press start and off it goes, no issues.

However, after a while - maybe 3 or 4 sides of an LP the drop point drifts inwards and the auto return ceases to function. After a little while longer it will refuse to drop the stylus at all, moving the tonearm all the way in and then back out again.

I thought maybe something was getting overly hot but I can't find anything on the PCB.

Any ideas?


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Re: PS-X65 fault after 'warm up'

Post by bernard1 » 26 Jan 2018 19:27

Looks like a bad solder, loosing contact when heating.

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