PS-LX55II occasional sticking

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PS-LX55II occasional sticking

Post by hak foo » 19 Dec 2017 05:07

I got one of these units in great cosmetic shape recently at the local thrift. Normally, I'm a JVC fanboy, but it was just too cute and futuristic to pass up.

When I got it, the tonearm was moving erratically-- sticking a lot-- which was remedied by treating the drive belt (putting it in hot water for a few minutes seems to shrink it a little, enough to prove that the belt was an issue, and I just installed a proper replacement this evening).

What concerns me still is that maybe 1/5 or 1/10 of the time, the main drive mechanism doesn't spin up automatically. I press to start playback and the tonearm slides over, but the record isn't turning and the Quartz Lock light stays off. It doesn't drop the needle, being smart enough to recognize that it's a bad thing. If I give the record a light touch, it merrily comes up to speed. It is otherwise quiet and remains in Quartz Lock mode pretty reliably over the course of playback.

If this was a belt-driven mechanism, I'd suspect the belt, but this is a direct-drive. The service manual doesn't mention anything about lubricating the mechanism, so I hesitate to do anything on that concept without further guidance-- what to use and where to apply it-- since it could well make things worse if done wrong.

The other thought I had was perhaps the motor stops in a "dead center" position, where it requires being dislodged to spin, but would that happen that often?

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