A little anecdote

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A little anecdote

Post by mvno_subscriber » 11 Sep 2019 08:54

I guess most of us, whether we like it or not, are heavily influenced by our parents in one way or another. And even in the areas where we are wildly different, whatever our parents' opinion are of things do affect us.

My mother has always known the family tree by heart and preserved and catalogued all the items from grandparents, greats^n etc. and never stopped pushing for me to take over things, know them and care for them. As I've grown, I've been able to handle more responsibility, although I still can't tend to a plant and silverware grow dark in the cupboards. I'm not there yet, and her nagging can be very annoying.

However, I've also come to be very fond of old things with a history, and not only limit myself to family heirlooms. Technology, in particular, has always been fascinating, and many shelves in the house are occupied by old computing hardware (my wife also loves stuff so thankfully there's a balance and an understanding in the house - I get off rather easily). Of recent years, records and music reproduction hardware has also been a favorite pastime. I'm working my way down to Polyphons and Pianolas (if I ever get the space), but currently I'm very very happy with my 78s.

My father has always been the knowledge hub when it comes to politics, history and everything outside the house. As part of being an older guy, he has lived through many of the times that inspire me. So, naturally, I seek to him for advice, information and appreciation of the tech I've aquired and maintain.

But here's the thing - he doesn't care for old tech. He ended up studying statistics instead of informatics because of the damned punch cards. Debugging through next-day printouts and organizing those flimsy stacks of Fortran code was just too much. He's thrilled to have Unix on an 11" laptop, read news on an iPad and couldn't be happier to have gotten rid of all the old junk. I still care for our family's first 8086 with Lotus 123, something he simply doesn't comprehend.

I've put down many hours (and money!) into my stereo, turntables and accompanying hardware. My parents gave me their old record collection which I've cleaned, taken care of and play regularly (at least those of them I enjoy - and I've discovered tons of great stuff). I've transferred a few of them to CD for my mother, but my father hasn't really cared much for it.

So let's move to last weekend. My mother had previously brought a couple of old 78s she and her sister used to play on an old wind-up gramophone. Dreading wrecked records (they looked the part) I cleaned them meticuously, labelled and put them in protective sleeves ready to be listened to.

So we're all in the living room, and I spin up Bing Crosby with San Fernando Valley (https://www.discogs.com/Bing-Crosby-Wit ... se/4559174), crossing my fingers our ears won't bleed. Two days prior I got a new stylus I've let run for many hours to break it in enough for things not to sound harsh. I really want it to be a fine moment for my parents to reminisce.

Crosby's voice is a bit hoarse from being tortured by steel needles reused multiple times, but no pops or clicks. The sound is tight and the bass is warm and comfy. They sit there a bit listening in silence. Then, my dad (not the emotional type), for the first time I can remember, suddenly utters: "That's good sound".

He probably had no idea, but that single remark really, really made my day in so many ways I don't know where to begin. Even though I would say I primarily have this hobby for myself, I guess I also have it for everyone else; my parents, my kids, and whomever I would be able to teach and pleasure. And I guess I won't stop anytime soon.

Hope you survived this little story, and sorry if it was boring.

Would love to hear if anyone has any similar experiences to tell!

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Re: A little anecdote

Post by lenjack » 11 Sep 2019 13:37

Not boring. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Re: A little anecdote

Post by ren2112 » 09 Oct 2019 13:30

Thank You for taking the time to share that. My 78 collection started out because my late Mother-in-law's collection came down to me. After investing time and money into cleaning and getting the right turntable-cart-tube system.....those 78's have come back to life almost as good as the day they were first pressed. My Father-in-Law is coming for a visit this Thanksgiving weekend and I'm sure he will enjoy listening to these.

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Re: A little anecdote

Post by AudioFeline » 16 Oct 2019 13:51

A nice story, you are fortunate to have those connections with your parents.

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