Elvis Presley; Can't help Falling in Love 78 rpm where to go

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Re: Elvis Presley; Can't help Falling in Love 78 rpm where to go

Post by Bob Dillon » 12 May 2019 19:05

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12 May 2019 07:36
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05 Mar 2019 05:50
That is a vinyl 78 from the 80's issued in a box set. Rhino records made a few sets as well. Some were stereo.
You will find that modern pressed 78's (like the quoted item and the record store day releases) are designed to be played with a modern microgroove stylus, not 78 styli, and certainly not a old gramophone with a steel needle.

Elvis 78s are harder to find, as he has a big collector fan base. Many of these popular 78s are damaged, the good quality disks tend to sell for a good price. Never let these more recent 78s touch an old grammophone. As stated, only early 78s can be played on them.

If you have an old grammophone, by all means enjoy non-valuable 78s on it. For any more valuable or post 1920's disks, play them on a modern turntable with a 78 styli.

And if you are tempted to clean the 78's NEVER use a solution with alcohol (like solutions for cleaning vinyl records). The alcohol will dissolve the shellac. Just use water with a very mild dilute detergent.

The Rhino 78's do not play best with a microgroove stylus, they play best with a small diameter 78 stylus, like 2.0 mil. That's from testing my own copies of these records experimenting with different styli. Rhino marketed these at owners of vintage jukeboxes, no ? They may have sought a groove that was a compromise between "wide groove" and microgroove in case the owners of such machines were using either.