Early 70's 45's

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Re: Early 70's 45's

Post by IndigoRock2001 » 05 Jul 2018 01:16

The first 45 I ever saw in stereo was Elton Johns hit cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. When I told my older sister that it was in stereo she flat out said I was lying. NO 45 is EVER in stereo. She was sure she was right but was not. A quality she still retains.

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Re: Early 70's 45's

Post by 7oclock-air » 28 Nov 2018 23:54

...Late comer to this thread! my first time in a long while browsing.
Others may have mentioned this but 45 singles generally were mixed for radio play? i.e. to sound clear on small radios. Bass reduced and mid range boosted?

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Re: Early 70's 45's

Post by KentT » 15 Mar 2019 02:01

Audiodude wrote:
30 Jan 2015 22:23
Yes, absolutely, I also have some early Beatles on Tollie and VeeJay, the fidelity difference of early and later is night and day. I actually just listened to Parlophone copy of "Please Please Me" yesterday prior to listing on Ebay. It sounded pretty good, better than the Tollie and VeeJay. With the advent of stereo I believe it may have taken the engineers some time to get a feel for it.
Capitol did not remix these records. They mastered them to USA tastes. Different.