Music Matters and surface noise

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Music Matters and surface noise

Post by Mycogen » 02 Apr 2012 19:14

Hi guys.

Here´s the problem. I´ve got several Music Matters Blue Note 45 rpm vinyls. Sound is very, very good in my opinion. Covers are absolutely marvellous.

All my vinyls from MM are news from my dealer. Procedure is always the same: open new vinyl, clean it with my Clearaudio clean machine one time at least, put it with love and care in the inner bag and play in my analog system. Wow, sound is clean, warm, musics are in my living room =D> .

But,...two or three of them have problems. I can heard surface noise, some clics, pops...what´s happen? Are these fried eggs? Change the vinyl, perhaps stylus is dirty. No, stylus seems to be good. I put another vinyl. It´s ok, no noise. I clean vinyl again. Oh, no! Noise is here! There´s not terrible, but I hate surface noise in vinyl, and on NEW vinyls kills me.

It occurs with other manufacturers like Speaker´s Corner or Pure Pleasure. These vinyls aren´t cheap, but Music Matters are very expensive to suffer this.

Somebody who has the same problem?

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Re: Music Matters and surface noise

Post by Loren4504 » 16 Sep 2012 04:15

I find that many people are playing their mono records with a stereo cartridge... which is OK... BUT... to eliminate a LOT of noise (particlurly rumble) I suggest using 2 Y-connectors available (at least used to be) at Radio Shack to combine the two channels. This eliminates any vertical noise.. and there can be a lot, including some of the snaps and pops. 1 connector: double female to single male. the other cable: single female to double male. This can be inserted at the amp or turn it around and insert it at the turntable. Makes a BIG difference with 78's. I keep a Dual turntable just for mono recordings. Hope this helps.

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Re: Music Matters and surface noise

Post by GlutenAllergyBoy » 04 Nov 2012 16:24

Hi, Lorenzo
I too would feel confused and hurt if a brand-new single has surface noise. You've been sold a defective piece of goods - DON'T tolerate it! Complain to the seller, they should replace the record for you.
Doing that kind of thing highlights the problem; the company won't know that they need to improve quality-control, if nobody complains!

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Re: Music Matters and surface noise

Post by Alec124c41 » 06 Nov 2012 05:04

Vinyl is a material, out of which records, floor tiles kids balls, rubber gloves and house siding is made.


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