What Are Your Best Sounding 45S ?

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Re: What Are Your Best Sounding 45S ?

Post by VicenteAlvarez » 19 Jan 2012 03:05

My 45 collection is pretty small at the moment (I'm workin on it) but the best sounding single I own is unquestionably my copy of The Animals-House of the Rising Sun. It's old and beat and soooooooooo grungy. Objectively, it sounds awful but to me, all that crackle makes the tune all the more powerful.

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Re: What Are Your Best Sounding 45S ?

Post by DarthMaul » 22 Apr 2012 05:00

VicenteAlvarez, I have to admit that although I have the same Animals record you've got, mine is near-perfect looking. (There's a ton of gloss and hardly no visible ringwear even under bright light, but has very light signs of play.) However, there is harsh sibilance on the A side that occurs when the 's' sound is heard. "Talkin' 'bout You" (the B side) doesn't have this problem. My copy of the record is MGM 13264, with the black label.

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Re: What Are Your Best Sounding 45S ?

Post by sombunya » 25 Apr 2012 05:31

I slipped a 1964 pink label Decca promo of The Who doing "Can't explain". I think it was unplayed before I got it.

Clean, loud and clear.

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Re: What Are Your Best Sounding 45S ?

Post by Chiltern » 25 Apr 2012 15:51

For me it has to be 'Shakin' all over' by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates from 1959.

I can remember first hearing this on an AMI jukebox at the time, and just could not believe the bass, many years later when I had a reasonable collection of jukeboxes (25) all of the 45 rpm machines would have a copy of this record on A1. Times have changed and most of the 'boxes have now gone but the 3 that I still have, all have a copy of this disc. Never fails to impress.