Bought to new albums, both of them having scratches?

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Bought to new albums, both of them having scratches?

Post by silvershadelynx » 15 Dec 2017 16:59

Hi all,

I just bought a new album:


It was 27 euro's so I would expect good quality for that money. But the first thing I really didn't like was the absence of an inner sleeve. the two records were just insdide the outer sleeve, no inner sleeves at all!

The second thing I really don't like is that one of the records has a scratch. I made a picture of it:

I'm 100% sure this scratch is from the factory as I very carefully took the records out of there outer sleeve.

I'm just wondering right now if this scratch is acceptable? I bought it in a store over the border, so it will take me some time to return it. I find the overall quality of newly bought records until now quite bad. Most of the time older records are flatter (no warp) and no scratches.

By the way: the records sounds fine, nothing special, but ok. The area with the scratch plays ok it seems.


I just unpacked my other newly bought album / record (Arstidir, Hvel) and this one looks a bit dirty and there is one area / spot that looks dull, about 3x5 mm, it looks like a result of friction, tiny scratches next to each other. I made two photos of this area:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

By the way, just like the other reported record this one plays fine.

Am I too picky here? I'm wondering if it's normal that new records have these issues? I'm a bit dissatisfied with my buy: one double record and one single record album, both having scratches, although I can't hear them.

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Re: Bought to new albums, both of them having scratches?

Post by tlscapital » 25 Dec 2017 22:14

One can never be too picky for the condition of presumed to be mint when brand new ! Now a scratch will cause a 'tic' or a 'tac' and is to be considered as "damage".

On the first picture, it's hard to tell if it's a scratch (inner groove scar) or a scuff (superficial mark on the top of the groove) that is not audible. A scratched record is eligible for a 'replacement' in my book.

If the record is baring only a scuff, I would say one could negociate either a partial refund or a full-on replacement. But this has to be claimed ASAP after the purchase with the proof of it.

I collect vintage records so I'm rather use to all those issues. All my records are not in perfect condition, but I love them to be clean as possible considering the life most of them had prior.

So I totally relate to the dissatisfaction one can have with newly acquired records not corresponding to one's expectation. But after 33 years into records I tend to put these things into perspective...

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Re: Bought to new albums, both of them having scratches?

Post by FrankLM » 27 Dec 2018 16:10

A "New" record without an inner sleeve is a repackaged used record.
Nobody makes new records without a liner sleeve to protect them from the cardboard album cover.

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