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Re: Record Adapters

Post by AudioFeline » 05 Feb 2019 05:54

I used to use adapters on the records, to save having to put the adapter on and off the turntable. I hated the raised lugs (to prevent slipping when stacked on auto-changes), as they ruined many picture sleeves (once I became aware of this I trimmed these lugs off).

I recall having the same design as the "Goldring" - 2nd. column, 3rd. down, a black star on a red b/g. Probably not branded "Goldring" in my part of the world. These were very solid. Four lugs would secure on one side of the record, two on the other side. Very difficult to remove as they are solid, would risk bending/breaking the record to do it.

The Motown logo one looks very cool. Bottom row, 2nd. from the right looks like a promotion for Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

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Re: Record Adapters

Post by KentT » 21 Sep 2019 02:01

A note: DO NOT USE those spun aluminum Webster Electric adapters. Keep them as curios. They often cause warpage, and also are about impossible to remove, without risking center hole damage (usually chunks out of the label area near the hole).