Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

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What is your main system amplification?

Integrated Amplifier
Pre/Power Amplifier
Stereo Receiver
Multi Channel Receiver
Pre + Active Speakers
Headphone Amplifier
Total votes: 2112

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by awkwardbydesign » 15 Jan 2012 15:42

While I think of it, I'm surprised there are only two of us who have gone active. I don't know about the other system, as the only box I could tick was "active speakers". My system has an active xover and 6 channels of amplification; 8 if you count the 4 bass amps for the isobaric speakers. It takes up a lot of space!

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by Singlemania45 » 15 Jan 2012 18:07

Finger Painter wrote:
Crimson 610/Sugden P51 (pair) - In daily use
Sugden C51/A51
Quad 22/Quad II (pair)

What some beautiful and classic pieces of amplification you have there. The Sugdens always looked very industrial to me, but soundwise bloody wonderful.

I had a similar 510/520 combo which made way for the Sugden P51s. I think I still have the 510 lurking around in a cupboard somewhere waiting to be serviced. I had planned on using it with the Sugden A51.......oneday when I find the time it will happen. Finally got myself an AV Link unit so I can now switch between the amps. The more I listen to the current generation of amps the more certain I am that I already have all that I will ever need.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by anatech » 16 Jan 2012 03:21

The best I have is a Marantz SC-9 pre and a rebuilt 300DC, nothing better yet. Then there are the Cyrus Pre-X (no phono - yet) and Mono-X power amps (soon to be fixed up). Nak TA-2 upstairs. Then there are the Eico HF-85 and HF-87 (re-built), amazing for tube. I have rebuilt several receivers that turned out extremely well. Marantz product seems to respond the best, but some of the G series Sansui also come alive and best many separates out there.

If the basic design is sound on anything, a little care and understanding can make giant killers of them. The most surprising little receiver I was challenged to do over was a Marantz 2225. Man, that turned out really nice. It's now connected to a pair of speakers worth $4,500 from France and the guy is very unhappy with the previous system. ;)

The new high end Marantz stuff I heard sounds extremely good as well. I haven't heard anything in a home setting from them yet. BTW, the member with the Nak 620 amplifier is sitting on gold. Those also sound amazing done over. The design is similar to the Marantz 170DC or 300DC. Diamond buffer type output, some of your best loved headphone amps are designed like this.


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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by tapajeurs » 22 Jan 2012 23:56

harman kardon, twin power receiver 430, best phono i had so far! and it is part of a receiver, strange thing happen in the past and we're build like tank!

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by slr9589 » 26 Jan 2012 00:26

Have a plain Jayne Sony str 6800 receiver connected to new 901' the wings ,undergoing restoration is a Stromberg/Carlson ASR-880 receiver.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by mawari » 28 Jan 2012 13:21

Varies, I think amps make the least difference ( to me ) yet I change them the most often :oops:

I've been through, at least ....

Home made MOSFET power amp, passive pre
Rotel RA314, subsequently heavily modified
Mission Cyrus One, the first iteration when they moved to the metal case. I had two of these.
Home made transistor amp
Musical Fidelity B1
Kenwood ???? integrated, flatmate blew this one up
Denon integrated, low end but sounded great
Norh Le Amps, mono power amps
Home made KT88 power amp, passive pre
Denon AVR1800 AV receiver

Now I'm using an Onkyo TXL55 AV amp in the living room in "DIRECT" mode for records, and a stereo Topping T21 for the computer. I answered Receiver for this poll.


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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by Lazarus Short » 28 Jan 2012 17:11

I'm using an Arcam Delta 60 integrated, and I'm very happy with it, even given ongoing minor problems with the volume control. The phono section is amazing! By and by, I keep thinking about plugging the Cyrus2/PSX into the system.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by Smoke Screen » 29 Jan 2012 00:35

Just an oldish Harman Kardon HK6350R at the moment. Good phono pre tho.
No ICs,no FETs,low feedback,nice soundstage.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by fjdaigle » 29 Jan 2012 16:01

I'm using a Jolida 502BRC and was quite happy with it while it drove a pair of very efficient Klipsch speakers. But when I bought a pair of Magnepan 1.7's it just didn't have enough power to really drive that difficult load. I ended up adding a pair of Musical Fidelity 550K's to the system and now am very happy with the sound, power and dynamics this pairing now delivers. And no, the 550K's have not changed the sound of the Jolida at all.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by cytovette » 01 Feb 2012 02:13

I am using a Yaqin MS20L integrated. Sounds quite nice with Klipsch KG4s :D

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by vinny » 01 Feb 2012 20:34

i have 1 onkyo m504 to each of my paradigm studio 100v5's.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by f1eng » 06 Feb 2012 19:36

I have two possibilities in my main room, neither completely fit the poll!
The first is a preamp and 2 mono power amps (Goldmund Mimesis 20 with two Mimesis 29.4s)
The second is a pair of DeVialet D-Premier amps configured as mono blocks but containing their own ADC/DAC.
My second system doesn't really fit the poll either since I am using my Resolution Audio Cantata as the source and preamp into a pair of Nuforce 9 ref amps.


Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by SteveM » 06 Feb 2012 20:07

Simaudio I-5 integrated (the 1st generation model)

I'll give you my amp...

...when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! :twisted:

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by maspadaro » 07 Feb 2012 20:47

JaS wrote:No monster receivers from the 70's in pride of place then :?

LOL no there are, pioneer Sa8500II with pioneer 9500EQ and Klipsch k4 speakers.

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Re: Integrated Amplifier, Pre/Power or Receiver - POLL

Post by resu » 13 Feb 2012 21:05

I have an active system consisting of Erno Borbely 1198/116 Preamp (built from a kit), Accuphase A30 (30W in Class A for Midrange/Treble parts of the speakers), Musical Fidelity A3.2cr (for Bass parts) and Gradient Revolution Active Speakers with Gradient Electronic X-over.

Gradient is a Finnish company and for Midrange/Treble each Revolution Active has a cardiod Seas 176mm fibreglass midrange with coaxial 25mm aluminium dome treble. For each Bass part they have two 300mm long throw Woofers working in dipole configuration. So essentially its towers with cardiod Mid/Treble combined with dipole Bass.
The bass goes down to 20Hz, active x-over assisted. Crossover point is fixed at 110Hz. Bass level can be adjusted +/- 10dB. There's a 3-position switch for the Filter Q: level to 20Hz/-3dB, 20Hz/-6dB and 20Hz/-10dB. Also a Mono switch for the stereo bass units, just in case.
Triangular shape of the speaker enclosures let you position the bass parts either firing straight ahead or sideways. You turn of course upper Mid/Treble units facing ahead and turn their signal cable accordingly so that the phase keeps normal.
This way these speakers can be used also in smaller rooms or in peculiar shaped rooms.

If I wanted more bass I could add two more bass parts, and maybe a more powerful bass amp.

I'm very happy with this set. It's kinda combination of a pro studio monitors and an very good ordinary hi-fi speakers. Very balanced and open sound, analytical but not too clinical. I've worked so much in recording radio and tv studios that I think I knew what I wanted.
For a while I planned to buy a pair of 8" Genelecs (also Finnish made) but they are totally different animals, maybe too controlled.

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