Do I need to worry about speakers vibrating my Dual 1019?

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Do I need to worry about speakers vibrating my Dual 1019?

Post by MitchellGray » 11 Oct 2019 04:09

Hi all,

I am pursuing a bookshelf setup for my Dual 1019 turntable.
This will involve me purchasing a pair of bookshelf speakers.
I am almost settled on the Fluance Ai60 and a preamp of some kind, but that's sort of irrelevant to my question.
I'm wanting to know people's opinions/experiences with placing the turntable on the same surface (e.g. bookshelf) as the speakers.
If you aren't familiar with the Dual 1019, the turntable itself is actually resiliently mounted to the plinth (on three bouncy springs).
It's this design philosophy that gives me some confidence in placing the speakers on the same surface as the turntable without it cause records to skip etc.
Otherwise, I would need to budget for and buy some stands for the speakers.

See picture attached. I would plan on putting the two speakers pretty much where the two plants are.
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Re: Do I need to worry about speakers vibrating my Dual 1019?

Post by Solist » 11 Oct 2019 10:31

You probably will have some problems. In general it is a bad idea to put the speakers on the same platform the turntable sits. The 1019 can be found inside many consoles, and while it might work its far from ideal. Those springs do a really nice job at isolating the outside vibrations, but I doubt they will be able to filter all the vibrations if the speakers are 1 feet away.

I have my speakers positioned fairly closely to the 1019. About 4 feet away from the turntable in either direction. The speakers are 3db down at 47hz, and 10 db down at 39hz. The speakers are on stands, and the 1019 sits on a small coffee table. I am not having any noticeable issues with my positioning, even when I go nuts with the volume control.

The Fluance speakers are rated down to 35hz, which I find hard to believe that they go that low.

Best thing is to try out and see what happens. But it looks like you have enough space to put 2 speaker stands on either side of the cabinet. If stand alone speaker stands are out of the question, you could try and get monitor speaker stands.

For the preamp, the Schiit Mani is a good budget choice. From what I have heard its hard to beat at 4 times the price.

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Re: Do I need to worry about speakers vibrating my Dual 1019?

Post by lenjack » 11 Oct 2019 15:04

I also expect this will cause problems. The problems may not be severe, but they may muddy the sound.

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