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Post by rom » 03 Mar 2019 18:37

Hi everyone

I am starting my first turntable set.

I got a rega planar 6 with rega fono mc and rega ania mc element.

I've come across recommendations such as stereo amplifier Moon240i and speakers KEF R3.

What is your opinion about this set?

Also, what would be more affordable alternatives ? I dont want to underutilize the planar 6, but at the same time I feel that the price of the Moon240i+KEF R3 (plus the rest of the kit) maybe is a bit too much for someone just starting!

Looking forward for your opinions!


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Post by Legrace » 04 Mar 2019 17:44

Why 90% of the gear I buy now is 2nd hand, savings are substantial. Only items I buy new typically are cartridges.

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Post by hedgehog35 » 15 Mar 2019 23:38

One obvious place to start would be to consider an all Rega system. The Brio amp is very nice - not as good as the Moon, but it is a lot cheaper. Or try Rega amps higher up the range and then add Rega speakers.
Other alternatives would be Creek 50A - very nice as I had one of these. Smaller Naim amplifer or Exposure also good.
Too many other speaker possibilities to mention, so I think you really need to find a good shop that will let you try different combinations in your own listening room.
Building a system based on magazine reviews or other people's forum recommendations is not really the best way to get the system that suits you.
Best of luck

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Post by Fire99 » 16 Mar 2019 00:53

I think hedgehog35’s recommendation is spot on- you really need to narrow down by listening for yourself to see what sound you enjoy.
That’s half the fun, trying different combos that will compliment your great turntable!
Congrats and looking forward to your decision with photos!

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Post by raphaelmabo » 16 Mar 2019 23:07

Moon and KEF R3 are fantastic products, high quality. But I can understand that the price might be a little too much for you.
So, let's make things simple and keep KEF but downgrade a little bit. Try search for a KEF R300 instead of a R3, the R300 is the older model, still good and can be found for half the price from old stock. Look around, it may still be available.
Other KEF to look out for is LS50, R100 or the Q350. They are all standmounts like the R3. Not as big scale, but still with the KEF sound. I like KEF for their ability to give a wide stereo perspective.

Now, as for amplifiers... I haven't heard the Moon, but I have heard great things about them. Reviews tells about a smooth yet dynamic sound. Not harsh, nor bright, not forward. Well balanced. To me, that sounds like a Quad Elite so I would look for one. Quad Elite Integrated. Or the Quad Artera Solus if you like one with a built in CD-player. :) Quad makes very neutral products and highly revealing, I would say that they would match your Rega well and they work fine with KEF's. Very neutral, a bit on the warm side with KEF.

Quad also makes speakers, so as an alternative to say KEF LS50 I would say Quad Z-1. But they are quite different. Quad has a tighter sound perspective, because of the ribbon tweeter that needs careful positioning for the "sweet spot". KEF is not as demanding about placement. But the treble in Quad is airy and wonderful.

As for Regas own amps, yes they of course match your Rega turntable. Rega also makes speakers. You could get a Rega Elex-R amp and Rega RX-1 speakers. This would give you a musical, fun, happy system. Not as neutral or detailed as the above, but fun. They also would work with KEF speakers, giving them more "juicy" I would say than Quad. But I would personally take the Quad. :)

All those suggestions is about half the price of the Moon and KEF R3. The speakers above are half or more than half the price of the KEF R3, and the amps are roughly half price of the Moon. So your Rega turntable becomes the most expensive unit here, but I say that this is good. I like the idea of source first. And all the suggestions here will make the most and best of your Rega.

There are of course brands worth look into. Roksan Kandy serie for amplifiers... Wonderful! Audiolab 8008... Arcam SA 10 amp..
Tannoy, Fyne Audio or Monitor Audio for speakers... The list could be made quite long. :)

Cyrus One HD amp plus Cyrus One linear, speaker. They are made for each other. A good system that's more entry level than the above, but high quality entry level.

Now, go out to shops and have a listen, bring with you your favourite music.

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