Adding a giant subwoofer

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Re: Adding a giant subwoofer

Post by IRG » 24 Nov 2018 00:44

Playing Pink Floyd's The Wall tonight, on CD. Man, this CD needed a bass boost for sure. Nice thing about a 15" sub, is you just turn it up a bit, and your bottom end just joins the rest of the band. Everything feels warm and right. I don't have it on vinyl yet, but reviews are mixed at best. Maybe I'll just keep the CD for now.

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Re: Adding a giant subwoofer

Post by Sterling1 » 24 Nov 2018 10:02

amacksco wrote:
23 Nov 2018 23:20
Sterling1 wrote:
06 Aug 2018 14:44
For greatest satisfaction, the means to crossover your left and right channel low frequency drivers at about 60Hz will assure sub's proper integration. Interestingly enough, for most genres of music recorded to vinyl there's not enough subwoofer content to make the sub useful. In other words, when engaged the music is not effected by the sub's presence. I have a JBL B-380 powered with a 560 watt amp. It adds dimension to some music on CD but rarely from vinyl.
Actually most CD audio starts at 20Hz. which would match most domestic amplifier systems. (and the human ear). However the real low end audio the stuff that rattles windows etc you need a very powerful amplifier because it tends to sustain for quite some time beyond most music notes. 80s super fi Japan had some amps that were quoted as DC. but be careful for what you wish for it brings with it a whole load of nasties including blowing speaker voice coils, record cueing that will bring tears to your eyes, non flat records and holes in records not in the centre, foot fall nightmares. The main issue is if the speaker is producing audio down to the single figure Hz it will require a lot of amp energy, and likewise speaker cone movement which may swamp the the other audio that is in the audible range.
It's not a particular format's bass presentation capability, it's about the music having bass content and in that regard I'd challage you to identify any music out there on vinyl, CD, LP, SACD, or stream with bass content below 30Hz, unless it's synthesized. Now, if you have a means to stream, you will discover that today's dance music, much of which is not found on CD, LP, or other, is delivering the lowest bass you are going to hear, some indeed in the 30Hz arena. If you do not yet stream music, you might want download iTunes and get an Airport Express to get Airplay wireless function to your amp. Then, just get a one month free subscription to Apple Music for unlimited downloading of music in any genre. At any rate, seems around this forum, folks tout some versions of the 1812 Overture's cannons as a good showing of bass and/or a stereo system's handling of such bass. I've got a 5.1 SACD of that music and I can tell you it does not get close to the bass effect in today's dance music. I use the word effect because bass below the 30Hz arena is more felt than heard. BTW, my 560 watt amp drives my 15 inch JBL B380 to 80db plus levels without any clipping. This speaker is a 70Hz to 24Hz model -6db at 24Hz. I crossover mains at 60Hz for seamless performance.

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