DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

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Re: DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

Post by rwfernandes » 11 Jul 2019 20:36

Not a kit, but like the Akitika, a lm3886 design: ... er-lm3886/

I finished mine a month ago. Akitika was my first choice but shipping and taxes made it too expensive for me at the time. I'm very happy with it, but you will have to buy all parts yourself, including the case. Documentation is very good, I had no problems building it. Getting and selecting parts was very time-consuming though.
Am looking at the Akitika pre-amp now... need a new project 😀

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Re: DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

Post by JoeE SP9 » 12 Jul 2019 14:12

georgesgiralt wrote:
11 Jun 2019 14:25
I do not mean to sound rude, but the 300B used in the TU-8600 was obsolete before WWII ... IMHO and for a fraction of the cost, I would buy a current Dynaco kit with the improvements made by the people now selling them.
Time proven design, components easy to get, very good sound and easy to build... There is even an sca35 clone available which is an integrated preamp and amp.
Before you "dis" something you should get your facts straight.
That "obsolete" tube is still in production from several manufacturers. It's very popular with the SET, high efficiency and open baffle speakers crowd. If you do a Google search for 300B amplifiers you'll get a lot of 300B amplifiers in current production. Some of the prices approach 5 figures for a single monoblock.

There are other low powered triodes that are "obsolete" and still relatively popular. They include the 2A3, 45M and 845. New production versions of these tubes are also available.

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Re: DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

Post by goat1981 » 10 Oct 2019 17:01

Just built the Elekit TU-8600 this week with the upgraded transformers and resistors from DIYaudio.

I'm running it with high efficiency speakers (95dB), and honestly, it's the best amp I have heard in my system. The size of the sound stage is huge with great focus. The placement of instruments is the most precise I have heard. Loads of detail and realism. Also, it's DEAD QUIET. I have to put my ear right next to the speaker cones to hear *any* trace of hiss, and it's barely audible. It's a remarkable amplifier. I'm going to try it with my Philharmonic 2 speakers to see how it does with less sensitive (87dB/w) speakers.

I've compared this amp to the following amps, and it bests them all with the sensitive speakers:

VTA M-125 monoblocks (with KT120 output tubes) in both pentode and triode mode.
Atikita upgraded Dynaco ST-120 (the 50w chip amp type)
Harmon Kardon Citation 16A

I have much more experimentation to do, but so far the experience has been excellent. As always, YMMV - I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly jazz, classical (small and large scale groups), and classic rock.

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Re: DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

Post by ripblade » 16 Oct 2019 01:27

pivot wrote:
12 Jun 2019 15:47
I would say you need to decide on what speakers you are interested in before locking yourself into an amplifier topology.
Yes! I built the Pass ACA kit last winter and am still using it. Superb kit with a lot of that Pass signature bullet proof reliability and long (so far...) life. But it's only 4 wpc into 8ohms. Fine for my efficient full range Omni speakers at the level I can listen to unobtrusively. On these, the ACA was the better choice over the Threshold S150 power amp I had been using. More tube-like than solid state, is the general observation; I agree it has a softer grip on the speakers and a sweeter musicality than the big SS amp. But it would only fart into the big Mags I had previously, too.

Big question... what speakers?

As for tubes or SS, if one is the least bit concerned about the reliability of tubes, they should stay away. I have a vinyl front end so I already have enough tinkering to do without having to worry about tubes.

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Re: DIY power amplifier kit suggestions

Post by radelius » 21 Oct 2019 12:54

Why not go for Hypex nc400 kit. It blows away my ncc200 and played equal to an Ampifix that cost 10times more! You can get it from