Sonos Play 5 Upgrade

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Sonos Play 5 Upgrade

Post by Alistair100 » 12 Feb 2019 03:37

So, I posted in another thread that I was looking at my setup and looking to upgrade. On a whim, I've upgraded my table to a Project Debut Carbon.

The carbon is replacing an essential II which on the face of it, it's not much of an upgrade, but the improved carbon tone-arm and heavier platter have made a significant improvement to the overall sound and the 'punch' of the system.

So, that leaves my speaker needing an upgrade. The debut is currently going into a Play 5, via a Cambridge Audio Phono Stage. I've never been totally stoked with the Play 5. With the truplay off, it sounds unfocused and loud, but tinny and thin with the Truplay on. Definitely lacks a soundstage.

I've been looking something like the Audioengine A5+, but not sure if this is going to be a sideways step...

Ideally, we need to keep equipment/real estate limited, so an integrated amp isn't (ideally) part of the solution.

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Re: Sonos Play 5 Upgrade

Post by alphatoner » 14 Feb 2019 09:53

In the same price band as the Audiogenie you could look at the Edifier S1000b, a better sound IMO and the wooden side cheeks give them a more traditional look.

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