What pre-amp to use for tube amplifier?

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What pre-amp to use for tube amplifier?

Post by KolfMAKER » 15 Jan 2020 11:37

I have a tube amplifier in a Philips tube radio (model B2X 80U) built in 1958. I have completely restored this unit, and currently it is functioning perfectly.

For my next step I would like to add some modern technology to this receiver. As it has a (switchable) input for a turntable, I would like to use it for attaching a bluetooth receiver (for streaming music to this radio). I have already made a test setup with a bluetooth receiver board (KRC-86B), and it works.

There's only one problem. The audio signal output from the bluetooth receiver board is not strong enough. It means I have to turn the volume quite high to get a reasonable volume. Which also means that when I switch to tuner, the volume blasts my ears off!

So my question is: what can I best do to get the right audio signal input?

I guess I should put a pre-amp board in between the bluetooth receiver output and the tube radio input.
What board would you suggest? (I am looking at PCB's not pre amp's in casings, as I wil have to built everything inside the radio)

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