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Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 12 Oct 2017 22:27
by dvddvd
Just re setting up my turntable, I was going to give the main bearing some TLC. What do I do to fill it with oil etc and what oil? thanks

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 13 Oct 2017 05:22
by Schlep
Michell sells bearing oil. It runs $15 here in the US. I'm sure it is cheaper where you live. You can also do a search - someone, somewhere mentioned the oil weight. If that is to be believed, you may be able to save more $.

IIRC you should fill the well to withing 2mm of the top of the well - but confirm this point.

Also, put a little oil on the top of the shaft so there is some lubrication when you start the platter spinning. Though the shaft is self lubricating, you definitely want some bearing oil on the shaft to start with.

Something key - make sure the ball bearing is where it should be, they can fall out when the unit is disassembled.


Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 13 Oct 2017 08:40
by dvddvd
Hi thanks, I took it apart last night.

Mine is the brass coloured top bearing piece.

So I unscrew the platter disc fixing on top of the platter. Then lift off the platter?

I did that and then I pulled up the brass bit and it came off the spindle part. Do I fill the little tray part at the bottom with oil? There's a shaft with a off centre hole in it?

Where is the bearing supposed to be? Thanks

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 13 Oct 2017 12:50
by dinogyro
Yes, fill the tray at the bottom.

The ball bearing will be on top of the shaft, or stuck inside the bearing/spindle housing.

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 18 Nov 2017 15:27
by jazzwessem
And? Ready with the set-up? Satisfied with the turntable?

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 01:28
by wernerfel
Here's an additional impression on last two questions:

Room for improvement:
(1) A well-known Swedish furniture shop gives better assembly instructions, Mitchell's documentation is very short, without pictures on details and some open topics. Internet search for some images gave hint on details. In the end one will find the correct way.

(2) Loosening the pre-mounted ground screw on tonearm discus base was a challenge. Too much torque holds the screw. It is the only chance to mount the tonearm ground cable (rega arm) with a very small eyehole. If later on contact to the small ground screw is needed full disassembly of tonearm and discus base is required (groundplate prevents access). A better location would be nice (bottom side or back side).

(3) Grounding concept is unclear. No cable is provided to ground the Gyrodec to the phono pre.

(4) Acrylic hood needs assistance (a wall behind) to stand upright or you have to put it aside. Does the hinge stand tightened screws? Would not like to break them.

(5) Width of hood exceeds the width of the acrylic glass ground-plate (+2mm) on front left corner, the little rubber points is without function and got already lost. Some additional ones would be welcome as reserve. Better position the rubber points with some distance to the edge.

Operating experience:
(1) Beautiful - an eye catcher! Concept of hanging brass weights is well working. Gives even an entry level Grado system a great performance.

(2) But static charge of the platter springing from platter to tonearm (on a rainy day); is induced by the belt to the platter system. Test with additional grounding cable towards phono pre didn't helped (static issue still given and in addition some hum was introduced). If you touch the spinning pulley static is discharged. Bearing gives platter no grounding as oil isolates from sub chassis.
Any helping idea is appreciated.

(3) But perceptible motor humming; touch the motor housing with a clamp grip and sound is deadened. The motor itself is fine, but mounted in a vibrating housing.

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 17:42
by dinogyro
I only use the ground lead from the arm cable on my Gyro SE and I don't have any static problems. Could it be the air is very dry in your room? I think this tends to make that problem worse.

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 21:08
by wernerfel
Thanks for your reply. Aside standing Sony PSE-4000 turntable has no issue - room climate is fine. Dry air showed up effects this summer even for the Sony. But brand new Gyrodec arrrived in a rainy week. Will try out your best practice grounding the Gyrodec only with the lead from the tonearm cable.

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 21:17
by dinogyro
Werner made these assembly instructions: ... anual.html

Re: Set up of a Gyro dec?

Posted: 03 Dec 2017 21:42
by wernerfel
Grounding issue is solved for Gyrodec with Rega tonearm. Although provided by Mitchel grounding from tonearme base to the sub chassis is not adviced. Removal of this grounding reduced static issues to much lesser occurance rate. Not droven down to zero but only 1 or 2 now only medium loud spikes per each side will get hearable. Already a 95% solution I can live with and enjoy music at last. Next attempt will also remove the grounding cable of the tonearm from the tonearm discus base. Hopefully this eliminates static issue completely.
Further lesson learned is that Gyrodec doesn't like grounding to phone pre. Mitchell provides no cable out of the box, take this as valuable hint.
Usage of sweep brush from Transrotor had no effect on static issue (operated with separate grounding or without).