Strobe disc on Michell Hydraulic Reference

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Strobe disc on Michell Hydraulic Reference

Post by Blackbill44 » 24 Feb 2017 18:37

I have a Michell Hydraulic Reference which I bought new in 1977.
Having moved to the US in 2000, its been sitting in its box but I'm now restoring it. It's in generally excellent condition. I need to upgrade the pulley to a 60Hz but can probably get away without replacing the strobe wheel (they seem impossible to find).
My problem is that the existing strobe disc does not rotate freely. I have cleaned in with a Q-tip and oiled with sewing machine oil but that doesn't seem to help.
Should there be a ball bearing at the top of the shaft?
Appreciate any suggestions? or - ever optimistic - information on a source of a US 60Hz strobe disc!!
Bill Price

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Re: Strobe disc on Michell Hydraulic Reference

Post by Rowland7 » 02 Mar 2017 11:07

Can't help you with contacts in the Americas,sorry, but if all else fails place a call to Doug Brady's Hi-Fi in Warrington UK and ask to speak to Andrew. He is the engineer and does all the servicing and repairs. He has one of these decks himself and services a number of hydraulic reference decks for other customers. I'm sure he'd be able to give you some good advice.

Good luck with your restoration!

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Re: Strobe disc on Michell Hydraulic Reference

Post by dougfresh » 04 Mar 2017 00:33

I have the same TT and have been restoring it for a short while now. There should be a ball bearing in the strobe disc. I have been looking for a new disc as well, as mine only has one set of strobe lines. Luckily it has the 33 1/3 lines.
These discs are extremely hard to find. The Michell source in the U.S. is They are in Williston, VT. 800-631-6448.

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