Michell Tecnoarm Cue Lever

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Michell Tecnoarm Cue Lever

Post by ntranced2 » 29 Jan 2017 19:30

Just installed tecnoarm on a new gyrodec, all fine for the first couple of days but now my cue lever will raise the arm up but when I move the cue lever down the arm rest stays in position. I have to physically push it down.

Is this a common problem or does anyone have a remedy? Somewhat new to all this, previously had a project debut carbon so not exactly experienced with all these cmplex moving parts!

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Re: Michell Tecnoarm Cue Lever

Post by Baptist999 » 08 Feb 2017 09:02

About three or four years ago I bought my Gyrodec SE with a three point mounted Technoarm from my local Hi-Fi Emporium.

I quickly found that the cue lever initially lowers the arm VERY slowly initially at the start of a listening session.
After listening to the first side,subsequent movement is quicker...
Consequently I try and remember to leave the cue lever in the lowered position when the arm is "parked".

A little silicon lubrication spray on the cue arm piston did help, however the initial cue lowering is still rather slow..

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