Speed Control Problem

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Speed Control Problem

Post by levent2364 » 15 Jan 2017 18:47

I have Michell Orbe Turntable last 6 months.
I think my problem is about speed control. At the begining when I first press the start button over the motor
(green one) I heard like kind of frequency noise from the motor and after 3 seconds when its stabilized the turning cycle, it moved to dark silence.
But last four days I realised lack of upper frequencies and lack of dynamics. And I observed noise coming from the motor is continious.
My opinion is source of the lack of upper frequencies and lack of dynamics problem from the motor unit.
(green light above the speed control unit is continiously illuminate)
I need your kindly advises

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Re: Speed Control Problem

Post by BirdMan » 08 Feb 2017 19:30

How old is the Orbe? AC or DC motor? You need to find something to measure the rotation speed to test its accuracy. It will be hard to prove it's the motor if you can't some how prove it's running fast or slow.

It certainly seems the motor is a likely problem but I've read before that the DC motors make a bit of faint noise while running. The AC motors are dead quiet.
AC motors have no method of speed correction so if it's an AC motor you are in for some bad news since they aren't replaceable. If its a DC motor you are still in a bit of trouble since the motor housing can't really be worked on like the Gyro motor. Is it under warranty? Once you determine some of the issues mentioned above try an email to Michell. They are always eager to help.

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Re: Speed Control Problem

Post by Rowland7 » 05 Mar 2017 17:27

I had similar thing with my orbe. The noise on startup is most likely the pulley on the motor spinning around as the belt and platter came up to speed. I removed the belt and put the motor on and used a cotton 'q-tip' cleaning bud with isopropyl alcohol to clean the pulley. It came out black and I used used two cotton cleaning buds before it came clean. I also had to clean a band of deposit off the side of the platter where the belt touched. I took the belt and washed it in warm soapy water and gently pinched it and pulled it through a kitchen towel to dry it.

I then used a two point protractor to ensure the cartridge was aligned properly (you can print one off on the vinyl engine website right here) and checked the set up of the deck for level, speed and vertical tracking angle (arm height). I made a few fine adjustments and the result was significant. The deck plays beautifully now and I'm very pleased with it. You can check speed by using a strobe disk designed to work with your mains electricity frequency. Plenty of 'how to' instructions on the internet.

Lack of dynamics is usually a set-up problem or a mismatch between cartridge and phono stage. Speed problems result in overall low or high tone or a noticeable variation in pitch called wow or flutter as the record plays.

There are some really good videos on setting up a record deck on you tube. Check them out and then check your deck. If that doesn't solve the problem review your system and check the matching of the components. One friend of mine moaned about the sound if his deck only to find that his phono stage was set to moving coil cartridges when he was actually using a moving magnet one. One click of a switch and the sound was transformed.

Good luck with your investigations.

regards rowland

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