Gyro Chassis Weight Ungluing

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Gyro Chassis Weight Ungluing

Post by watchnerd » 15 Jul 2018 04:35

Hi all,

I have a used Gyro SE (originally a Mk II, I think? It has drill-outs for a 2nd tonearm) that I've mostly upgraded to current specs (new spring tower struts, inverted bearing) and tweaked a bit (delrin / ptfe ball bearings).

I've been working on my 'bounce' and noticed that the weight affixed to the underside of the chassis is dangling below the diecast frame by ~2 mm, which causes it to bump into the acrylic spider if I push down too hard during the bounce test.

Anyone else had the under chassis weight come partially unglued over time?

Any suggestions on how to fix?


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Re: Gyro Chassis Weight Ungluing

Post by arts » 07 Oct 2018 02:08

I may be too late to the game here,haha!

I had a similar issue with my Gyro;the cast weights were somewhat ''loose'' in their attachment to the underside of the cast deck,and one weight was also hanging down slightly.

I determined that the screws were bottoming in the casting before contacting the weights.So,perhaps the countersinking in the weights was too deep,the screws themselves were too long,or the screws were not of the correct type.In my case,I rectified the situation by removing approx. 1/16'' from each screw and reassembling.Good luck,and hope this helps!

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