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Gyro Chassis Weight Ungluing

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Gyro Chassis Weight Ungluing

Postby watchnerd » 15 Jul 2018 04:35

Hi all,

I have a used Gyro SE (originally a Mk II, I think? It has drill-outs for a 2nd tonearm) that I've mostly upgraded to current specs (new spring tower struts, inverted bearing) and tweaked a bit (delrin / ptfe ball bearings).

I've been working on my 'bounce' and noticed that the weight affixed to the underside of the chassis is dangling below the diecast frame by ~2 mm, which causes it to bump into the acrylic spider if I push down too hard during the bounce test.

Anyone else had the under chassis weight come partially unglued over time?

Any suggestions on how to fix?

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