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Fluid Skeleton Tonearm Re-wire (Reference transcriptor)

Posted: 07 Apr 2018 08:49
by soulboy68
After spending 3 attempts rewiring this tonearm, I still seem to be having issues. I have rewired quite a few tonearms in the past but this has me perplexed, as no matter what I seem to try I lose a channel and get hum on one side every-time. I am big and bold enough to except that this has me almost defeated.

Steps I have taken:

Used Litz for first rewire, thought that perhaps I had some dodgy stock.

Second time I decided to used shielded normal tone arm silver 7 strands which I housed in a case of thin shrink tubing inside the arm. Also changed the phono cables 3 times and connectors. Same thing.

Have checked new cart and stylus, that is fine. Changed cart headshell wires twice.

First time I wired, I used 4 wires from the headshell. Second time I just joined the two earth poles and used just 3 wires, L, R & Ground.

The interconnect ground wires are joined together and soldered to a thin copper strip.

The tonearm ground is soldered also to the copper strip.

The copper strip slips inside the vertical tonearm height shaft which touches the outer inner casing which creates a ground. This also locks the audio cable into place, which is fixed with a locking screw. The copper plate does not infringe on the left or right wires.

I have twice changed the ground cable which connects to the fluid well platter bearing assembly which fixes to the underside of the turntable which is then fixed to the tonearm locking nut.

Checked continuity of left and right from the 4 pin barrel on the tonearm to the audio phono interconnects. All 4 are reading 0 resistance.

I have also cleaned the pins on the headshell too.

Any idea what I might be missing here as this is become a real ball ache and has me going nuts lol. The cart is v15 Shure III. Some pics of tonearm. ... sp=sharing

Re: Fluid Skeleton Tonearm Re-wire (Reference transcriptor)

Posted: 07 Apr 2018 18:16
by soulboy68
All sorted, head-shell terminals looked clean but actually needed a good
de-oxing #-o