help to setup Gyrodec MKI with two tonearms

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help to setup Gyrodec MKI with two tonearms

Post by Giovanni68 » 20 Mar 2018 18:34

Long story short,

I sent a Rega RB300 to rewire and the Linn LV X headshell to fix so I have two tonearms and thought that instead of keeping one (the Linn presumably) in a box with the risk to break or get lost I would install both, I removed the Linn plate off the main holding hole of the frame, removed the extra counterweight and installed the tonearm base to fit the Rega on the main hole and was going to put the other in the back left corner when I found out that with this setup the dust cover won't fit any longer but I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong with the install and I hope you can help me figure it out first and foremost by installing both tonearms bases correctly (underneath the Rega one there is a mark which shows which is the front but there is no similar indication underneath the other one, first issue).

Looking forward to your indications to make this thing spin and sound again before the temptation wins me and I sell the whole thing...


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Re: help to setup Gyrodec MKI with two tonearms

Post by blakep » 21 Mar 2018 19:35

With older plinthed Gyros (as opposed to the SE versions), two arms can be mounted but there is very little space at the rear with many arms (quite possibly most) so what you are experiencing is not unusual.

When I first mounted my second arm at the rear I found that I had to angle the arm sharply toward the front of the table to ensure it was not interfering with the plinth and the dustcover at the rear. Even doing that I found that I could not swing the arm back far enough to rest it in a locking position; I essentially had to leave it cued up, slightly forward of the armrest and unlocked. Unfortunately not very secure, and much more susceptible to accidents including, in my case, the possiblity of shearing off a cantilever on the upright back portion of the plinth or hitting the arm (unlocked) while installing the dust cover and having it bounce all over the place.

I have had my Gyro for more than 30 years now and don't intend to sell it so I decided that the most sensible thing to do was have some surgery performed on both the rear upright section of the plinth as well as the dustcover, cutting sections of both out to allow space for the arm to be mounted comfortably and to eliminate this problem. Not for everyone I'm sure, but I found it personally to be the best solution to the problem.

I've attached a couple of photos. Alternatively, I think you are left with a floating arm at the rear and very prone to cartridge damage with many arms. If you can remove a fingerlift on the rear arm and angle it toward the front that may give you the ability to fit and lock so that might be worth a try as well.

I've attached links to a couple of photos of my modified table. Unfortunately if I try to attach the photos themselves large parts of the right hand side of the photos are cut off. ... /19556.jpg ... /19557.jpg

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