What's wrong with my Gyro?

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What's wrong with my Gyro?

Post by Giovanni68 » 30 Nov 2017 11:27

Since I bought it used a year or so ago I used it a few times before the belts gave up and also one of the wires connecting the cartridge to the shell did, I had been busy with other stuff in the meantime but I want to get myself a new belt and the wires as a xmas present but every time I look at the Gyro I am a little :roll: #-o

The guy I bought it from is the son of the owner who passed away years ago, I went to this guy's place to check out his dad's stuff because he told me he wanted to sell some as he has no passion and no room for such gear and so I went and saw this marvelous turntable, a year later I made it mine but the owner had a strange habit to give a lick of paint to most of his gear, just to name one there is a couple of JBL L220 which I am interested in where he painted the whole box with transparent varnish on the wood sides and black paint to the front panel, this makes them so very ugly when in their natural look they were so nice, I am afraid he might have also done the same to the Gyro, I can see a spot on the left side of the frame where a spot shows, dunno if it's paint from factory or applied later, would eventually upload a detailed picture.
I know it is an old piece of gear and it shows but it bothers me so much, I don't know what it is, maybe because I bought it with a second arm base and the motor in the front, I now restored to original setup with only one tonearm and moved motor back in pace and as such it looks kind of "empty" but also the suspension setup brings me doubts... insomma, I keep scratching my head to find out if it is how it should be or if I am (very probably) missing something to make it look and work the way it should.

Any hint or suggestion will be welcome


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