Systemdek IIX- 45rpm problem

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Systemdek IIX- 45rpm problem

Post by diddien01 » 23 Sep 2019 07:54

Hello guys, can You help me please with one problem.
I just bought IIX with Hercules Mose PSU.
It is all fine and I am happy with it.
The only problem is, when I switch it to 45 on PSU, the platter does not want to spin.
When I push it a little bit- all fine and going.
Any idea?
No problem on 33 speed.
Many thanks for suggestions.
Cheers Michal

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Re: Systemdek IIX- 45rpm problem

Post by journeymanj » 30 Sep 2019 21:10

This is normal.
The voltage is a little low for best torque, but fine for best vibration, is my understanding.
It`s received best practice to give the platter a manual push/spin whilst starting a belt drive deck.
Try starting at 33rpm, then switchover to 45rpm if it worries You?

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