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PL-930 with ortofon Quintet Blue

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PL-930 with ortofon Quintet Blue

Postby Belial57 » 19 Mar 2017 20:00


i'm currently looking for a replacement of the cartridge for a PL-930. The original needle has been twisted (we don't know how or when.). A local dealer says that the ortofon quintet blue would be compatible.

I have no experience here, and i'm wondering if it's really compatible: The Pioneer document says 8g max, but the ortofon is 9g. I'm also wondering how can this be tested ? Usually, i get to the dealer with my music, and trust my ears, but what can i do here ?

And last thing : is it easy to fit ou should i ask the dealer to do it for me ?

Thanks for the help.

PS: I've found my old documentation of the PL-930. I got it in English/French/German/Italian. Can it be added to the library, or is there some copyrights on this ?
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