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Pioneer pl-l1000 speed dropouts

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Pioneer pl-l1000 speed dropouts

Postby dmkbox » 05 Nov 2016 21:17

Maybe someone helps me. Got NM Pioneer pl-l 1000. I carefully clean and service this unit. Install it and after few month I've got some speed "drops". I mean platter rotating well but sometimes lock speed led stay off and speed drop for a second.
Any help highly appreciated.
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Re: Pioneer pl-l1000 speed dropouts

Postby TheDHndrsn » 03 Mar 2017 21:01

I picked up a PL-L1000 of my own not too long ago and today came across this note. As I understand the operation of this animal, it sound like you have either a failure of the oscillator IC (PD1003) or one of the motor IC's, specifically the IC PA2005. You need to check the output at pin 15 of the PA2005 IC. It should give you 10V. If you don't see that you either have a bad IC or bad component feeding into that IC. If the output for PA2005 is good, you need to look at the oscillator IC. Pick up a copy of the service manual. All of the above is outlined.
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