Pioneer Pl-70 Ii - Looking For English Manual

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Pioneer PL-70 II - looking for English manual

Post by tiger1967 » 11 Nov 2010 11:19


Could anyone help locate the English translation of the user manual for Pl-70II. I guess the manual is exacltly like one for Pioneer Pl-50II that I found in the "Library" section. Unfortunately, my Japanese is limited to "arigato" and "harakiri" and it is not enough to understand how to properly set up the tonearm :)


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Re: Pioneer Pl-70 Ii - Looking For English Manual

Post by Mitaxa1968 » 26 Jan 2020 20:14

Привет...Konichi Wa, Banzai, Uakari Maska, Dozo and many other words from the movie Shogun and the book too. I have PL-70LII and trying to translate the Manual. My daughter knows some Japanese-she is styding Japanology in University but she is not interested to help at all. So I am still trying to translate it.

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