PL-15 lifter problem

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PL-15 lifter problem

Post by leftyst » 07 Jan 2020 15:39

Hi everyone, I recently fix my fathers PL-15 turntable, lubricating it and installing a new turning belt etc.
But the top of the substance of the top of the lifter was turned into dust. Does anyone knows what it was, because now the lifting bracket is very low and the tone arm cannot be lifted enough and scratches the records.
Does anyone have any solution fir that?

Thank you very much.


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Re: PL-15 lifter problem

Post by waxburger » 19 Jan 2020 01:53

If I understand you correctly there should be a rubber or plastic 'lip' on the top edge of the lifter that the tone-arm rides on. I glued on a section of thin rubber 'O'-ring as a replacement. Hope that helps.

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