Pioneer PL-111Z wiring confusion

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Pioneer PL-111Z wiring confusion

Post by Chieldd » 30 Sep 2019 01:04

I've just fixed an old TT I found in my grandma's attic and I pulled out one of the wires coming from the tonearm. It's yellow and it's bundled with a black wire.
A total of 6 wires are connected to 5 contacts labeled as follows: LG (blue), L (white), G (black), R (red), and RG (green). Does anyone know to which contact the yellow wire should be soldered? I'm thinking G since black and yellow are helixed together but I want to be sure
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Re: Pioneer PL-111Z wiring confusion

Post by musicmn » 30 Sep 2019 02:02

Hi, solder the yellow wire with the black wire and you should be all set. I've seen yellow wires tied in with the ground before. It could come from the base of the tonearm as and extra ground. I hope this helps

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