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Pioneer PLX-500 VTA, antiskating

Posted: 10 Mar 2019 19:35
by NewOldVinyl
Couldn't find any other threads specific to this model or issue. Just sharing my observations.

I'm setting up a pair of PLX-500s with Audio-Technica AT-XP5 DJ cartridges. Long story short is the lowest "0" height setting for the tonearm base is at least 5mm too high. You can clearly see the arm isn't parallel with the record during playback, and a headshell level confirms it. I used 6mm worth of cartridge shims to get the tonearm level by eye, confirmed with the headshell level.

Also the antiskating calibration is a little off. With the tracking force set to 3.0g, the best antiskating setting is 2.4-2.5. That's confirmed using a record with a long runout groove, stylus resting between grooves. Stasis is around 2.4-2.5. The TT is as level as it can be during this test.