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Pioneer PL-518 Speed Adjustment

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 23:46
by brentfordthomas
Hi all, new here and new to the Pioneer turntable fun. Picked up this TT for a really good price, cheap enough to buy parts should some be needed. After cleaning her up, I starting testing the speed and it looks like I'm at the high side of 30 RPM, with the adjustment all of the way up on the topside controls. So naturally I turn to the bottom of TT to look at the 45 and 33 adjustments directly in the motor and the 45 looks like it should, with a place for a standard jeweler's screwdriver to adjust. I don't see that on the 33 side however, just a straight hole. Any ideas? Am I screwed?

Thanks for the help in advance everyone!

Re: Pioneer PL-518 Speed Adjustment

Posted: 18 Feb 2019 18:18
by paul401
Welcome to VE. I have a more humble 512, but these seem to be a highly rated series of decks.
So not familiar with the 518, but sometimes with speed adjustments it is required to set one (33 or 45) before the other or vice versa so might explain the one adjustment slot?
Anyway found this thread which also contains a link to the service manual ( in one of the posts/replies) which hopefully will help you out. ... 592/page-4


PS, when adjusting internal pots, make sure the external (user adjustable) pots are set at zero first, no + or - setting.

Re: Pioneer PL-518 Speed Adjustment

Posted: 22 Feb 2019 02:34
by brentfordthomas
Thanks for the help I tried the advice, but it turns out the little adjuster in the slot was gone on the 33, so it was stuck where it was. I was able to snag another motor off of eBay and replaced that this afternoon. Perfect speed as soon as I put it in. Luckily it was a cheap fix at $5, some solder, and a few minutes of time.

Listening to some good tunes now at their proper speed! Though it was mildly entertaining at ~10% slower.