Pl-55x pioneer turntable

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Pl-55x pioneer turntable

Post by AJBISHOP » 16 Dec 2018 18:06

The turntable keeps increasing speed going faster and faster. Is there a fix?

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Re: Pl-55x pioneer turntable

Post by Presidential Pawn » 17 Dec 2018 04:19

Turn the speed knobs repeatedly back and forth for 30 sec or so. There is also another set of pots on the bottom of the motor. Move them the same way with a screwdriver. Before you do this: remove the 3 motor cover screws, pull the top of the motor out by the spindle, watch not to loose a ball at the end of the shaft ( sometimes it gets stuck to the shaft. Clean and lubricate the shaft well and the shaft with a good penetrating oil, put it back together. Let it operate for 10 min until it gets stable and try the trick with moving the pots. It always worked for me.

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