PL-J210 12v Power Issue

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james carnell
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PL-J210 12v Power Issue

Post by james carnell » 12 Dec 2018 00:58

Hi guys,

I've just come into possession of a Pioneer PL-J210 turntable, but it requires 12v DC to work. Does anyone know the best way to power this? Not sure what connectors, plugs etc. I should buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: PL-J210 12v Power Issue

Post by musicmn » 12 Dec 2018 18:16

Hi, that turntable was originally part of a Pioneer component system and the turntable got it's power from the amp used in this system. On the back of the turntable is there a ribbon cable attached or a pin connector for a ribbon cable? Either way to use this turntable as a stand alone will require you to remove the bottom and see what wires are being used to power the motor. Then cutting them and splicing in a the proper 12v adapter so a 12vdc wall wart can be used to power the motor. Then you may also need to solder in either 5 pin din cables or just a set of standard RCA cable to get sound from the turntable if there are none currently installed. If there are no cables installed you need to do this so what ever you plan on using to play the turntable through (receiver, integrated amp, ect) the sound can move from the turntable through the receiver then to the speakers. Now I'm not trying to be the bad guy here but that turntable is probably the biggest piece of junk pioneer ever put it's name on. It's equivalent to Crosley turntables which are being made today. Which IMO should not even be on the market that's how bad they are. Unless this turntable has some sentimental value IMO it's not worth spending any money on. I hope this helps. :?

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