Speed Adjustments

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Speed Adjustments

Post by Buddy311 » 24 Nov 2018 19:59

I own a Pioneer PL-88FS and I'm wondering what might cause the the slowing of the speed , is there an adjustment ?

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Re: Speed Adjustments

Post by Pauw » 24 Nov 2018 21:02

The manual and service manual is available in the vinylengine library...... https://www.vinylengine.com/library/pio ... -88f.shtml

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Re: Speed Adjustments

Post by keithfayes » 02 Jan 2020 03:26

Hey Buddy311 did you ever fix the slow platter problem. I just got a PL-88FS and it's 2% slow according to the stroboscope I down loaded. I've heard not to touch the 33 rpm adjustment unless you have an O scope. What did you end up doing?

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