Whats the hype about 12d's ?

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Re: Whats the hype about 12d's ?

Post by vinyl master » 19 Jan 2019 15:41

DubbaDubbaDubbaCha wrote:
24 Oct 2018 11:13
I got mine in near mint condition for $50 bucks. Cartridge cost me $35. I can barely tell the difference between a CD and this table. I satisfied enough to never buy another table.
Paid $50 for mine, too...And it's one of my go-to tables in my back-up system...It just does everything I want it to and excels at whatever I throw on it...The nice thing is that I have a few cartridge options for it...I love the Shure M91ED, but I also bought a stylus for the ADC cart that it originally came with...You can use any cartridge from 4 to 10 grams in weight, which covers a lot of models...

When I eventually get to getting my new SX-1500TD sorted out and start using it with my PL-12D II, it should be one heck of a system! :D

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Re: Whats the hype about 12d's ?

Post by Belmont » 24 Jan 2019 15:49

I fixed up a 15D and regrettably gave it to a friend, and it was honestly a very nice turntable. It did nothing wrong, everything was beautifully simple, the sound was very nice, and it even came with an extremely handy overhang gauge built in. It runs like a top and will continue to do so for many years, I reckon.

To make a car analogy, these Japanese tables are very much akin to Honda’s and Toyota’s. Not the most exciting or inspired designs, with the exception of the exotics, but they’re dead simple and superbly engineered, and will run for years with little maintenance. The contemporary Garrards are rather like the old Austin’s and Jags-fussy, mechanically complex, and almost miraculous when they run properly, but you can’t deny that they have a certain style and charm to them. Duals are very much German, engineered to work in extremely small tolerances, but utterly bulletproof once you’ve caught up on their years of deferred maintenance.

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Re: Whats the hype about 12d's ?

Post by abril » 25 Jan 2019 18:20

Was a great little turntable in it's time,bought mine from Comet late 1972,with another classic an ADC VLM - great little combo.
Unfortunately mine succumbed to failure of the motor support bushes after about 15 months (just after the 12 month warranty expired) and became very noisy,hence the reason I succumbed to the purchase of a Michell Hydraulic Reference which I think cost me about 2 and a half times the price.
No doubt with suitable backup I would have kept it.
Big difference was the Michell lasted me 25 years with no problems.

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Re: Whats the hype about 12d's ?

Post by Quigley1 » 12 Feb 2019 00:58

I hope mentioning the almost identical PL15R is alright - just picked one up via the local Craigslist for 75.00 Cdn. in great condition, minus some dust cover scratches. The Seller did not know how to check to see if it was functioning and I decided - given their overall reliability - to simply buy it.

Turned out it just needed a new belt, oiling the motor and spindle to be safe as well as some new foam pieces inside the suspension springs which firmed it up nicely. Decided on an elliptical Jico replacement stylus for the Shure M70B, which I am waiting for. Runs smoothly and quietly ( temporarily substituted an AT3600L to check all was well ). It was stored for a time but I never asked how long, it certainly appears to have lower hours on it.

I plan on doing some further dampening of the platter as well as plinth and will be isolating it on a substantial base at some point. I knew if I did not grab it someone would have soon enough. I do not mind the semi automatic function of this model,

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Re: Whats the hype about 12d's ?

Post by AsOriginallyRecorded » 12 Feb 2019 01:52

Never having owned one, I cannot actually comment on the model being discussed here, but believe, by substituting hype with reputation, I can lend some perspective on this. I am always impressed by any manufacturer that can simply "get it right" the first time with the introduction of a product. Based on the many positive comments and recommendations concerning this turntable, I would have to say this TT meets that criteria. As alluded to several times in this topic, the right time, the right place, and the right execution will result in a standard bearer, a classic, and ideal, by which others will be judged. The simple reality is that, fortunately for the rest of us, someone questions the status quo, reassembles the components, and gives us all a step up in the technology. Of course, each step is exactly only that, and fleeting, but absolutely vital to moving forward. The number one criteria of technology is moving functionality forward. The Pioneer 12d and like innovations did and do exactly that. We all win! =D>