Keith Monks Discovery 33/45 fluid

how clean is your house
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Keith Monks Discovery 33/45 fluid

Post by Allsop » 28 Oct 2017 15:54

Bought this for my manual process and quite happy with the results.

I use one of those sticky rollers to lift any dust
I then use an anti stat gun
I put about 2ml of the fluid onto the vinyl and use an SRM goat hair brush with the platter spinning I hold the brush and spread the fluid out.
I leave it for 30 seconds
I take a vinyl vac and suck up the fluid

For me this has helped tremendously

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Re: Keith Monks Discovery 33/45 fluid

Post by albertan » 24 Apr 2018 09:30

Letting the solution sit on the record for a while longer will bring you noticeable improvements to the sound of your records. So will a distilled water rinse after the cleaning. Use a different brush for the rinse.

Do you rinse your hair after working in the shampoo?

Sometimes it helps if you shut off your machine and move the brush manually in the opposite direction for a few turns, it seems to help loosen stubborn debris. Keeping your brush inline with the groves in the lead in, lead out grooves, and dead wax can prove beneficial.

I use and really like the Keith Monks fluids as well. Rinsing helped the sound quality of my records, and helped keep my record cleaning machine clean.The velvet lips on my vacuum wand look new after many years of constant use.


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