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Ilfotol Wetting Agent and Pool Algecide

Posted: 09 May 2019 22:44
by mark79
Dear All: I need my memory refreshed. I have Ilfotol and Triton X-100 and at Meijer in the pool section, I found a pool algaecide that has only the ingredients I need, just like in Hepastat 256. I will making a gallon of this using either the Triton or the Ilfotol. I have a Spin Clean system and plan to use that. Will I still need to rinse? And, how much of the algaecide do I need to add to make 1 gal. of this? Does anybody have any recipes or tips? On the algaecide 1 quart treats 50,000 gallons of water. It's pretty concentrated so we've probably talking about drops here. Any recipes or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank-You very much; Regard's Mark79