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Used RME ADI-2 Pro vs New Tascam DA-3000

Posted: 12 Sep 2019 03:56
by tane0019

As per the subject listing, I have a choice with roughly the same pricing range. What will be a better choice?

Purpose: To digitalise vinyl into high-res format.
Currently I have a project phono DS2 USB that can digitalise into 24/192 PCM or DSD128. But I'm not really happy with the resulted digitalise music vs directly through vinyl. Therefore looking at either one of the device to improve the digitalise music.

Note: the used RME is not the "FS" version.

Remark: my understanding of the two devices:
1) RME ADI-2 Pro: possible to digitalise into 32/
768 PCM or DSD256.
2) Tascam DA-3000: possible to digitalise into 24/192 PCM or DSD128.

Current digitalisation workflow: record in DSD, post process (using Vinyl Studio Pro) and export out into PCM.

Additional question: is the above workflow a better choice (record into DSD rather than PCM) ?

Thanks in advance.