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Interconnect Cables

Posted: 30 Nov 2006 13:13
by petroulop
I would like to know what you think about the difrences in performance between less and more expensive interconnect cables.What I mean is will my own homemade cables (made using the best quality I could find In electronic's shops) Really sound that much worse than a 70$ branded pair of interconnects?
I am very Interested In your opinion since even though I admit there is a difference in performance I seriously doubt that it's worth the money.

Interconnect Cables

Posted: 30 Nov 2006 13:33
by Blue Angel
Hi Petroloup

Count the strands inside! I'm one of those who will NOT pay through the nose for branded cables whose only claim to fame seems to be the packaging, little gold directional arrows and mountains of mumbojumbo waffle from the manufacturer.

I lurk around the 2nd hand shops, flea markets, Cash Converters and when a pair of cable or a length sufficient to make an equal-sized set, I buy.

I make up all my own cable, using good quality gold or silverplated hardware and solder these to the cablesets I use with high silver content solder. During the job, I make sure to test resistance so that they measure equal.

A real philistine am I (with cables, at least).


Posted: 30 Nov 2006 14:02
by bouquet
Hi Petroloup ,

Nothing wrong with homemade interconnects ,
in most cases they will sound better as the expensive brand IC's !
I myself use ONLY homemade IC's from solid pure silver with PTFE ( teflon ) tubing and no screening. Up to lenghts of 2 mtr one can easily slide the silver in the tubing ; the leads are twisted firmly and PH-PHY RCA-type silver connectors soldered at each side whith silver/lead solder.
So , just silver in the signal path.
This IC costs about € 10,-/mtr + € 50,- for the connectors.
Offcourse one has to use silver chassis-connectors too.
When screening is necessary, a peace of RG 58 or RG 233 screening will do the the job.

These interconnects will outperform most brand ones...